Digsville is more than just a store, it’s a vision for a better, healthier, and more caring community of pet lovers. Our passion for this community now reaches beyond finding, making, and providing truly unique products and services. It’s with this intense passion that we proudly announce the creation of our SuperRescue Initiative: our means of contributing greatly to both our local communities and the nationwide pet community.

SuperRescue Vision
“a loving and safe home for every pet who needs one.”

SuperRescue Mission
Digsville contributes time, money, and product in an effort to support local Animal Rescue and Shelter operations fight to both rescue animals, and to find them a warm and happy home.

The SuperRescue Initiative is built on the following five pillars:
Financial - we donate our money, and seek donations from suppliers and customers.
Exposure - we spread the "Rescue" and "Adoption" message to all who will listen.
Time - our employees volunteer their time for the cause.
Consumer Goods - we contribute our products to Rescues and Shelters in need.
Help - we need your help too. Get involved by visiting your local Digsville store.

In order to rescue pets, care for them, and find them a new home, Rescues need money. We don’t just help by asking for contributions from you....we also give our own money to the cause.

Digsville will make a monetary contribution to the SuperRescue Fund for the sale of each and every Digsville branded product. Examples include $0.50 per bottle of SuperBites treats and per jar of SuperBones treats.

We also engage our suppliers to contribute in the same fashion; directly related to product sales. Look for signage in-store that ear-marks supplier giving commitments to the SuperRescue Initiative.

You can give directly to the SuperRescue Fund at the point of purchase in the Digsville nearest you. Also, sign-up for our newsletter to learn of special fundraising events or other SuperRescue initiatives in your local area. Finally, you can keep supporting the SuperRescue program by purchasing our products whenever you need them and wherever you find them.

Our main objective is to find a warm and happy home for those pets in need. Sharing “the message”, promoting the cause, and highliting individual pets that need a home, is an important way of how we bring together rescued pets and the people who adopt them. We achieve this by...

Website - communicating the message online.
Adoptee Catalogue - hosted online and available in-store.
Newsletter - highliting activities, available dogs, upcoming events.
Communications - special messages via facebook, twitter, and email blasts relating to local Rescue activities.
Special Events - partnering to host special events (big or small) in the community to draw awareness.
...and all sorts of other ways.

Not only does Digsville give our money...we also give our time. Each and every Digsviller (“staff”, owner, etc etc) commits to volunteer at least four hours per month to the SuperRescue program. This “time” contribution ranges from helping with day-to-day duties at a Partner Shelter to helping carryout a promotional event that raises awareness to the cause.

Wanna help?... volunteer with us!
We welcome all hands on deck. Reach out to us with your name, phone number, and we will be sure to get you involved in the fight to save pets and help find them a new home.

Another thing that Rescue Shelters need are daily supplies. Food, blankets, and yes even toys and treats are all needed. Digsville is happy to donate products and supplies on a regular basis when we can. We also reach out to our suppliers for overstock merchandise, discontinued product, or anything else we can get our hands on to donate. We also accept product donations from customers. Every little bit helps and we are grateful for any donation.

We need you!!
Sign up to volunteer with SuperRescue,
Give money or product to SuperRescue,
...or just spread the word.

We are looking for new ways and new means to our Rescue Shelters and adopting parents. We are happy to admit that we have not thought of every great idea that exists....that’s where you come in. Regardless of whether you are an adopting parent, or a shelter employee, email us your good ideas on how to improve or expand the SuperRescue Initiative.