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Meet & Greet - Find Your Love! - Digsville, Toronto
Feb 9 - Yonge St., Feb 11 - Bloor St. W
All proceeds go to SuperRescue, supporting local rescue and shelter operations.
Santa Photo Day - Yonge St., Toronto - Dec. 11 2011
All proceeds go to SuperRescue, supporting local rescue and shelter operations.
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Building a better relationship between you and your dog...and cat.

This is why you'll love us...and why you'll keep coming back to Digsville.

Our competition misses the mark; they don't seem to get it. It's not about us liking you, or us liking your dog, or even you liking us for that matter. Digsville is all about you and your pets, and the bond you share. We strive to feed and cultivate that bond; building a better relationship between you and your pets.

At Digsville you, your family, and your pets will experience a fun, exciting, and rewarding shopping experience each and every time you visit us. We achieve this by having a fresh, new, and genuinely unique product selection, balanced with high quality products and services for your daily needs.  

Knowledgable and friendly staff, clean and comfortable stores, and everyday fair prices is a big part of our long-term commitment to you.  Our Events Calendar is how we generate excitement and build a friendly community around our stores.

Wanna know more?....come visit us in store.

This is our way of thanking those loyal customers that come in and shop with us on a regular basis. Whether it be to feed your pets, pamper your pooch with a spa day, or to spoil your cat with our fresh treats, we value your loyalty to Digsville. By joining ClubDigs you'll access the benefits listed below. And guess what? No need to dig through your purse or wallet to find your membership card. The ClubDigs program is "card free". Just tell us your name at the cash and we'll record your purchase accordingly.

Sign-up's free!

"Buy 10" - Pet Food and Treats.
ClubDigs members will receive their 11th purchase free when they buy 10 bags of dog food or 10 bottles/jars of Digsville branded treats (of equal or lesser value).

"Buy 5" - Grooming Services
ClubDigs members receive their 6th nail clip for free and 15% off their 6th grooming appointment (of equal or lesser value).

Special Promotions
We have special promotions going on all the time. ClubDigs members receive email invites to participate in special promotions.

Special Events
ClubDigs membership entitles you to advance notice of all Digsville events, including invites to ClubDigs members only events.

Follow-us on Twitter and "Like Us" on Facebook to get advance notice on events and other important info.

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Meet & Greet - Find Your Love!
Yonge St., Toronto - Feb. 9 2012 | Bloor St. W, Toronto - Feb. 11 2012

Join us in February, at our Meet & Greet wine and cheese events, and get to know some of the rescued pets available for adoption.

  • Giveaways!
  • Raffle!
  • Sales and Promos!
  • Free Nail Clips!
  • Wine, Cheese, etc!

Santa Photo Day - Yonge St., Toronto - Dec. 11 2011
It's that time of year again; Santa is coming to town. Bring your pooch in on Sunday December 11th for some pictures with Santa and his helpers. All proceeds go to SuperRescue, supporting local rescue and shelter operations. Call or email us at Yonge for more details.

Santa Photo Day - Bloor St. W, Toronto - Dec. 11 2011
It's that time of year again; Santa is coming to town. Bring your pooch in on Sunday December 11th for some pictures with Santa and his helpers. All proceeds go to SuperRescue, supporting local rescue and shelter operations.

11am to 3pm, photos by Ash Nayler
$45 for a sitting and 2 5x7's or 1 8x10.

Call or email us at Bloor for more details.

Better nutrition, better health, better life!

If it's available at Digsville, it's nothing short of the best!

Once upon a time, long ago (the '90's), "fillers" and "by-products" were not only acceptable ingredients, they were regarded as standard. Today, we know for certain that high quality foods equate to a longer, healthier, and happier life for your pet. It's for this reason, and this reason alone, that Digsville only carries the healthiest of pet foods. Health, happiness and long life means the world; even to our pets! We believe in nourishing your dog from the inside out. A healthy holistic diet can help with appearance, behaviour and better quality of life. We are very committed to only offering products that we ourselves would give our pets.

Food Delivery
Digsville delivers! This can be convenient for those that can't make it out to the Digsville near you. For more information contact one of our stores. This service is FREE within certain zones and with a minimum order.

Food Loyalty Program
Joining our Loyalty Program makes feeding healthy pet food easier on your wallet. With every 12 bags purchased, we'll give you the 13th bag for free! Contact your local Digsville for more details or click here.

Visit one of our stores to learn more about our foods and food programs.

    Digsville Food Credo
  • No By-Product
    If we won't eat it, we won't feed it.

  • No Corn
    Poor Quality, Low Value "Filler"

  • No Wheat
    Problematic Allergen

  • Simple is Better
    Softer on the stomach.

  • Where's the Meat?
    High Quality, Top of the List.

Fetching Good Looks!

From chic collars, to posh beds, to trendy clothing, Digsville will have your little loved one looking "super fetching" in no time! If you are too far away from one of our stores, you can shop online when our store launches December 1st. Otherwise, visit us in-store and peruse the latest and most unique product selection around.

Dog Gear
We carry a wide variety of stylish collars, leads, and accessories to spoof up your pooch. Whether you're looking for a durable product that withstands the elements from leading an active lifestyle, or looking to feed your dogs inner fashionista, we have the selection for you. We also have many dog gear products that can be customized to your liking.

Dog Toys
This is another area where Digsville excels. We have durable toys, we have soft toys, we have cute and cuddly toys, we have funny toys. We guarantee that we have the toys that will make your dog smile...and probably drool. Many of our toys come with durability guarantees.

Puppy, Kitten and Training
Have a new puppy?....Rescue a dog or cat? We have the "stuff" you need to start off on the right foot. Training books, new owner guides, puppy foods, and teething toys are all available in store and online soon.

Pet Clothing
Regardless of the season, Digsville has the most "fetching" clothing for your critter. Stylish sweaters, rain coats, bodacious booties, jackets, trendy t-shirts, and the funniest Halloween costumes this side of the dog park.

Pamper your Pooch!

Each of our locations has "top notch" grooming facilities and experienced groomers. Whether your pooch needs a trim, just a nail clip, or the works, we've got you covered (and cleaned!). Our groomers take the time to get to know your dog and your dog’s needs. Each dog’s appointment is assessed on what you want and what is best for your dog.

Look for our new line of added services including "blueberry facial mask" and “deep conditioning paw treatment”.

Call, email, or visit us in-store for prices and quotes.
For a menu of services, click here, or visit our Locations page.

Grooming Products
For those that like to D-I-Y in between grooming appointments, we have the a variety of professional grade shampoos, conditioners, and grooming tools. Proper grooming helps keep down the cost of our professional grooming appointments.