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You'll find Digsville on Bloor located in between High Park and Bloor West Village on the south side of Bloor, between Runnymede and Clendenan, in between Starbucks and High Park. With a spacious location, your eyes won’t know where to focus, but your dog’s nose will take you straight to the treats! Plenty of variety and friendly staff, we would be delighted to meet you and your pet. Our professionally re-done grooming room tries to make your dog love getting a bath! New product arrives all the time, check us out regularly!

Drop in and say “hi”. Our staff and groomers always love “talking pets”...we do hope you will visit us.

Debbie De Alwis - Principal

Prior to my five years experience in the Pet industry, I worked in marketing and finance. I realized my passion for pets when I first got my own dog. It was then that I realized my calling. After 5 years of working in the store, I still love helping pet owners find the right foods for their dogs and cats and seeing the results of better nutrition. I love my 6 year old pug Ollie, my patient husband Michael, and my not-so-patient daughter Ava.

Linda Chau - Groomer

I have been grooming for over 6 years and have also worked as an instructor. I enjoy being more "hands-on" and made the decision to go back to grooming. I have rescued three dogs now, Elmo and Pebbles, shitzu-yorkies and Dutchy, a silly shepherd-husky mix.


MON... 9am - 9pm
TUE... 9am - 9pm
WED... 9am - 9pm
THU... 9am - 9pm
FRI... 9am - 9pm
SAT... 10am - 6pm
SUN... 10am - 6pm


1959 Bloor St W.
Toronto, ON. M6S 1M4
phone: 416.916.6207
fax: 416.916.6451


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If you are passionate about pets, and love helping them (and their owners), Digsville may very well be the place for you.

Digsville Bloor strives to provide a fun and rewarding work experience. We hope your work with us will help you grow as a person and leave you smiling at the end of the day. Simply put, you should enjoy coming to work at Digsville.

Bad News: Currently there are no positions available for hiring :(
Good News: We are always accepting resumes :)
If you submit your resume, we will keep it on hand. When it comes time to hire new staff, the first place we look is in our filing cabinet. Don’t be afraid to keep in touch either!...

If you’re looking for great volunteer experience, we can help set you up with one of our Digsville Partners (animal rescue/shelters).

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Meet & Greet - Find Your Love! - Bloor St. W, Toronto - Feb. 11 2012
Join us in February, at our Meet & Greet wine and cheese events, and get to know some of the rescued pets available for adoption.



Sales and Promos!

Free Nail Clips!

Wine, Cheese, etc!

Santa Photo Day - Bloor St. W, Toronto - Dec. 11 2011
It's that time of year again; Santa is coming to town. Bring your pooch in on Sunday December 11th for some pictures with Santa and his helpers. All proceeds go to SuperRescue, supporting local rescue and shelter operations.

11am to 3pm, photos by Ash Nayler
$45 for a sitting and 2 5x7's or 1 8x10.

Call or email us at Bloor for more details.

Digsville Bloor offers the following main services:

1) Complete Groom - the works" when it comes to pampering your pooch.
Includes: Bath, Blowdry, Brush out, Clip/Styling, Nail Trim, and Ear Cleaning.
See estimated prices below.

2) Bath and Tidy - in between appointment for breeds with longer hair.
Includes: bath, blow dry, brush, clean-up of face and sanitary area, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning.

3) Trims - having it done properly by trained professionals.

Nail Trim: No appointment necessary. Just walk in and if our trained groomers are available they can clip your dog's nails is five minutes. Starting at $12.
Paw Trim: Trim the extra fur between your dog's pads. Helps keep snow and salt from accumulating in between the toes. This also just keeps your dog's feet more comfortable. Starting at $12.
Face Trim: Trim the bangs that fall over your dog's eyes. This keeps their vision clear and prevents hair from irritating their eyes. Starting at $12.

4) Extra Special Services - those little extras.
Drop in, call, email, or message through the website and inquire about special requests. Examples include face trim, paw trim, gland expression, summer shave, etc.

Grooming is booked by appointment only.
Please call, email, or message through website to check availability and book appointment.
**All prices are an estimate. Groomer has final say as each breed, and dog is different. Groomer can give a more accurate price when meeting the dog**


Small Breeds with hair (Shihtzu, Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle, Mini Schnauzer, etc.) $65 and up
Medium Breeds with hair (Cockapoo, Wheaton, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, etc.) $75 and up
Large Breeds with hair (Portuguese Water Dog, Standard Poodle, Samoyed, Goldendoodle, etc.) $85 and up
X-Large Breeds with hair (Great pyrenees, Newfoundland, Bernese Mt. Dog, etc.) $95 and up

Small Breeds minimal hair (Chihuahua, Pug, French Bulldog, etc.)$25-$35
Medium Breeds minimal hair (English Bulldog, etc.) $30-$40
Large Breeds minimal hair (Doberman, Rottweiler, Lab, etc.) $40-$50
X-Large Breeds minimal hair (Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, etc.) $55-$65

Matted Coat Warning
In many cases a matted dog will need to be shaved. It is safer, less painful on the dog, as brushing out excessive matts can cause brush burn and irritated skin from the tugging at knots. Matts should also be taken out for the skin to breathe properly. Matts can also cause skin issues such as hot spots, sores, dry skin, etc.

This map outlines the Delivery Zone for Digsville Bloor. If you live outside of the highlighted zone, please contact the store for delivery options. Extra charges may apply.
This map, and corresponding Legend, locates various spots of interest throughout our Digsville Community. Click on the map to obtain directions to these points and to access the various other Google Map features. Are we missing anything? Please contact us and give us your suggestions, we will be sure to add them to our lists.
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