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Debbie De Alwis - Principal

Prior to my five years experience in the Pet industry, I worked in marketing and finance. I realized my passion for pets when I first got my own dog. It was then that I realized my calling. After 5 years of working in the store, I still love helping pet owners find the right foods for their dogs and cats and seeing the results of better nutrition. I love my 6 year old pug Ollie, my patient husband Michael, and my not-so-patient daughter Ava.

With over twenty-three years of combined experience in the Pet Supply industry, we have the knowledge, expertise, and relationships to make the world a better place for dogs and cats.

We developed the Digsville concept as a means to improve the relationship between owner and pet. We help you sniff out the very best for your pets by cultivating a fun, exciting, and informative shopping experience, on each and every visit. Whether it’s the healthiest pet foods, the freshest treats, or the most fetching outfit, Digsville is here to help you provide for your dogs and cats.

Whether you visit one of our stores in person, shop on-line, or just review our website, you won’t be able to miss some of the uniquenesses that make Digsville stand out from the pack. We are passionate about these things that make us different...

This is our means of making the world a better place for pets. We contribute time, money, and product in an effort to support local Animal Rescue and Shelter operations fight to both rescue animals, and to find them a warm and happy home. Learn more in the SuperRescue section of our site.

Fresh Baked Treats
Unlike the competition, we actually make the treats that we call our own. Our SuperBites and SuperBones lines of dog treats are all fresh baked, by us, using only the best human grade ingredients. All testing and analysis has been conducted by the University of Guelph. In the future, you may even be able to watch us bake our treats right in-store! We also carry a wide variety of national brand treats.

Best in Class Nutrition
We provide only the foods that we believe in and that surpass the standards of our selection process. We research and evaluate all foods before we stamp them “Digsville approved” and stock them on our shelves or in our freezers. We refuse to settle for nothing but the best for our pets and yours. As you can see from our Nutrition Creedo, We will not carry foods with corn, wheat or by-products with the core understanding of better diet, better health, better life.

We love our loyal customers...and we reward them accordingly. ClubDigs is our membership program that is free to join, and rewards you on your purchases. Not only do members benefit from our “Buy 10” programs for food and treats, and “Buy 5” programs for Grooming Services and Nail Trims, members will also get advance or exclusive invites to private events.

Unique & Best Quality
We do our absolute best to search the globe looking for the newest, most exciting, and truly unique merchandise. Every time you shop at Digsville you should be able to find new merchandise that you’ve never seen before. When it comes to quality, we only stock the best. You can be sure of that.

Digsville Nutrition Creedo

No By-Product
If we won't eat it, we won't feed it.

There are many choices for pet foods but at Digsville we want to offer only the highest quality foods available to us. By-products are secondary products derived from a manufacturing process or chemical reaction. They are not good for anyone, let alone for our pets.

No Corn
Poor Quality, Low Value "Filler"

Dogs and cats are meat eaters. We believe that they have no need for corn in their diet, and in many cases are unable to digest it. Many food manufacturers use corn as an inexpensive protein source. Corn has also been linked to allergies, bloating, and joint swelling.

No Wheat
Problematic Allergen

Wheat is known to be a very common allergen for pets. Wheat allergies can cause dry, itchy and flaky skin, ear infections, excessive licking and bad digestion. It is an inexpensive filler for pet foods and is not an element of their ancestral diets.

Simple is Better
Softer on the stomach.

Less chemicals in pet foods means the less our pets have to process. This makes their organs work the way they are supposed to and the digestive system run optimally, which is better for owners. The vitamins and minerals you find in our pet food lines are chelated, which means they are from natural sources.

Where's the Meat?
High Quality, Top of the List.

High quality meats are always one of the first three ingredients in all Digsville approved foods. This is the primary source of protein as it should be. Protein serves as the building blocks for body tissue, organs, enzymes, hormones etc. Protein is also processed by the liver and high quality protein does not produce large amounts of waste and therefore does not put stress on kidneys.